A Loving Gesture

Did you every wonder what you could do to spice up your love life?

Aside from making a lovely picnic in the woods, or reserving the best dinner table in town, there are other unique ways to spice up your love life

One of my favorite love gestures of all time is the sneak attack surprise.

Give no options and just take the lead. Continue reading A Loving Gesture

Committees For Love

The funny thing about committees is that you have a group of people in one location (usually) that are committed to getting one objective done.

Committees are formed to focus on one topic so that that topic can be stronger rather than having several people focus on several different topics.

They are very similar in organization to the biological organization of the cell.

Cell combine together in the form of tissues to perform a certain function.

For example, cardiac cells beat and work together to make a heart beat.

Committees in the very same way do the same thing.

You can almost call a committee sort of like the heartbeat of a political campaign or a drive to get someone into office.

Speaking of which….I wonder if I’ll ever be in office. Hmmmm.

So back to the heartbeat.

Committees are necessary to work larger projects and to keep organized.

Don’t be afraid to form a LOVE committee for you.  Maybe it will be good if you have a few solid friends to be your support and help you as you learn about relationships.

Get together a nurturing committee of like minded ladies or men and start your own love committee. Remind one another your aim for learning more about relationships and hold one another accountable to start making positive changes in your world today for the life you want tomorrow!

The Key to Relationships

HI! I’m Darlene!

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve eventually gotten to a point where all I did was learn about relationships.

When I was done, I was able to harness the POWER that WOMEN have to get myself a really good relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual or homosexual, relationships are relationship and I’ve had them.

We all want the same thing in the end, so don’t discount the value of my advice (or experience really) just because I’m not the same as you.

We are all the same to some extent and generally, in relationships, want the same thing.  Although…there are different types of relationships in the world so I will be sure to go over them.

So, there you go!  Let’s dive into the different types of relationships that exist out there and then we’ll start to explore what does and doesn’t work in relationships!


Happy reading!